Anyone can volunteer to help out now and in the future.


At the moment all of our volunteer work is based on the litter picks we hold, and occasional events and info days.


We want to build up a VOLUNTEER base.

This helps us to show potential funders that we have a good base support to build upon.


Also, by indicating what volunteer work you would like to do, eg admin, litter pick, training, research, we can send invitations to you via email, as and when opportunities arise


All we ask is for you to fill in the form attached.

All information is treated as confidential.

We share with no one else.


If you could at least enter town or postcode in the address field we'd be extremely grateful.


We won't be posting any info unless you email us to state you'd like postal info but we are trying to environmentally friendly  


We ask you to indicate if you'd like to be kept updated via email, with VOLUNTEERING opportunities.


Thank you!

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