Bruno's Buddy Bench Appeal

As you may be aware, we had a memorial bench dedicated to Bruno, a local dog who was much loved.

Bruno was the most loveable, gentle giant you could ever meet.

He had an affinity with people in need of support, demonstrating empathy and compassion for all.

He was a popular therapet, visiting nursing homes, bringing his calm influence, settling concerns


Known as the Sheriff, he was a regular visitor to Boden Boo with his human companion Joan. Bruno would teach younger dogs how to behave well. Showing them good manners.


Sadly, Bruno's Buddy Bench was removed from the garden and despite appeals for its return, the bench seems to be gone for good.


Therefore we are taking this as an opportunity to provide a new Bruno's Buddy Bench, but bigger and more befitting the memory and legacy of Bruno.

The bench will be bespoke, hand carved, depicting a Rottweiler and German Shepherd: Bruno was a mix

of these.


It will sit at the edge of the proposed pet playground, and will overlook the garden.


It will cost £1000 but we think this will be a beaitfull piece of artwork enhanching the garden.

The link is attached to make a donation - £1 is ideal


We will also arrange some practical fundraising activities too.



DONATE Brunos Buddy Bench Bruno Elsie Nevis BRuno age 5 bruno and joan

Original Bench