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Some updates based on what we're doing and hope to do with the garden site, and in our wider community

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 14 2017 03:04PM

It’s been an interesting week in Erskine Community Garden land.

We had a litter pick two weekends ago, at Barsail Primary.

At the same time, Keep Scotland Beautiful were advertising a competition to highlight the blight of single use drinks containers, eg cans, coffee cups etc.

At the end of the litter pick, we spotted a Costa coffee cup lying all alone in the school car park.

We snapped a quick pic, had a very quick think for a caption, came up with something based on a Wham song, and sent our entry off.

A few days later, Nicola from Keep Scotland Beautiful, emailed to tell us the fantastic news that we were a finalist and our poster will be displayed as part of a litter exhibition at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art on 24th and 25th October!

The overall winner will be chosen after the exhibition but we are so excited and pleased to have been chosen as a finalist.

We’re also looking forward to going to see the exhibition and would encourage everyone to take time out and go visit.

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 3 2017 09:00AM

We had a catch up meeting on 26th September, in the afternoon.

Attended by 15 people including our community police officers PC's Bain and Coppola, and deputy head of St Anne's Primary School and nursery, it was good to explain and discuss how things are progressing with the community garden.

It is early days and it's that stage where most of the hard work is admin, discussion, training and setting up important items such as constitution and bank account.

Engage Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire Council, have been extremely helpful and supportive in answering questions we've had, suggesting training workshops and generally keeping us right as we want to make sure we set good foundations for the garden.

We know it seems time is going on and not a lot has happened on the surface but we're paddling underneath!

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 1 2017 07:18PM

We had another litter pick on 30th September, in and around Barsail Primary School.

We had 14 volunteers and in 1.5 hours, we filled 20-odd bin bags.

The work we have undertaken over the last few years, since around 2010, has slowly but surely started to make a difference in some areas.

It's been great to have two of our local councillors - Michelle Campbell and Iain Nicolson, with us on the litter picks, as they get to see some of the issues first hand, as we believe once a person has taken part in a litter pick, they see litter where they perhaps didn't notice it before.

We also had MSP Derek Mackay with us who again saw the work taking place, took part and gave support to the #TeamUpToCleanUp initiative Renfrewshire Council is running.

A workshop took place regarding TeamUpToCleanUp, on Wednesday evening at Park Mains High School.

It was affirming to see the objectives TeamUpToCleanUp is rolling out, are already in place with the Community Garden litter picks, and have been so for several years.

If you live in Erskine, or maybe from the wider local area and want to see what's involved in a litter pick, why not join us at our next one - 14th October at Park Mains High School, 10.30am.

We believe in sharing our experiences to help others get involved to #TeamUpToCleanUp.

By Erskine Community Garden, Sep 22 2017 09:00AM

How can you help with the garden project.

We love having people get involved with the garden. We haven't got the land yet but we hope to have it soon.

In the mean time, we want you to talk about it.

The question we have asked from the start is, ''What If...''

What if there was a place to go to, to switch off and potter about with a bit of garden. Whether pulling up weeds or carrots, watering the roses, or just sitting there and taking in the various perfumes of the freesias, honeysuckle, lavendar and jasmine?

What if there was a place to take your class or mindees to, to learn about nature, maybe make some mud pies in the mud kitchen, pay a visit to the fairy village, or count the different birds using the feeders.

What if, there was somewhere to go to on Armistice Day, Wave of Light or any of the other significant days of the year. A place to feel secure and supported.

Or, what if there was a piece of history restored? a former orchard and walled garden of a mansion house that once sat where St Anne's Wynd is. Learn about the various owners of the land and house, dating back to the 1400's.

This and more, is what we'd like to create. It'll take time. We can't do it all in one year. It will take a few years. However as each part is added, the garden will evolve and you can be as involved as you want. Whether digging up the ground, making tea for the workers, helping with some fundraising, or as I said before, talking about it.

There is a job for everyone and the more people involved, the merrier it will be.

By Erskine Community Garden, Sep 19 2017 06:24PM

We had our latest litter pick on Saturday 16th September.

Joined by 11 volunteers including Cllrs Michelle Campbell and Cllr Iain Nicolson, we cleared a lot of rubbish. 15 bin bags full.

We cleared out a drinking den and unfortunately found a makeshift toilet.

First time I have ever felt sick during a litter pick.

The fantastic Renfrewshire Wardens (Craig) arranged for the bin bags to be picked up asap, and Streetscene Manager Ken Gray, is arranging for environmental health to go and inspect the site where the human poo is; I do not envy them their job.

As my daughter would say, ''...it'd gie ye the dry boak so it would!...''

The litter pick volunteers are always so enthusiastic and as some have noticed it's actually theraputic because going from being a path full of rubbish, the end result is a clear path.

Cllrs Campbell and Nicolson got stuck in and worked their way down to Mains River and Mains Wood. They also found another drinking den - one that we had cleared out in Spring. It's usually furnished with a couch, makeshift fireplace and cushions. The couch was gone this time but there was a mattress.

Renfrewshire Council's initiative of Team Up to Clean Up falls in with what we've been doing for the last few years: encouraging the community to get together and clean up their neighbourhoods.

We have noticed, ok, it's taken a bit of time, but in some areas, the general litter is becoming less. That is, crisp and sweet packets, are less noticeable. However 'cynical' littering is still happening. That is, household items or builders waste, being dumped into areas they think it won't be noticed. Except we are noticing it and we are clearing it out. It's just that, we're at that point where we're finding older rubbish now because we've cleared the most recent layers.

Anyway. next Litter pick is 30th September, 1030am, Barsail Primary. If you haven't been to a litter pick yet, come along. Even just for 15 minutes. It does make a difference.

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