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By Erskine Community Garden, Dec 25 2017 10:15PM

It’s been a great year for the community garden project.

If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know the initial idea was for a memorial garden.

That plan evolved as we conducted surveys, questions and info meetings, to a community garden.

Still holding a memorial area within it but also having places for those looking to have a small growing area; an outdoor classroom for all in education, and an area for meditation, contemplation, yoga, and other holistic energies, and a communal fruit/veg plot for growing our own produce for the community.

Other ideas that have been suggested include a wild garden area, to encourage wildlife, and the possibility of introducing a honey bee colony, to produce local honey, and perhaps looking to take steps towards honey based organic products.


During our work on the garden project this year, we’ve made fantastic progresses.

We have a management committee, a bank account, and a constitution, as well as formulating a business plan, and taking on training and workshops.

We have a fantastic relationship with Renfrewshire council, who are being extremely supportive and helpful.

We also have great help from Morrisons, The Bridgewater, Steve Blackmore, and Kenmore Tree Surgeons and are always welcoming of anyone who wants to get involved.

We’ve dug up a lot of history dating back to the 1400’s which we will incorporate into the garden to give a sense of the history of the land we live on

We’ve expanded our litter picks.

We've undertaken other projects all related to improving our town and helping its residents.

Now looking forward to 2018

We will have our business case go to the board

We will continue and evolve the litter picks

We will continue taking on other initiatives to help our community.

We will be holding fundraisers for the garden, while keeping our focus on the community.

We will be holding events in the garden site if/when the ground is cleared and deemed safe to do so, so we can all get an idea of how the garden will be a great resource to our community.

We will continue working with TeamUpToCleanUp and Keep Scotland Beautiful

And most importantly we will always support our community and work together as a team.

We will always be grateful for the support our community gives to the work we do.

We never take that support for granted.

Thank You.

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