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The SomeOneElse Factor

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 15 2017 09:41AM

Our most recent litter pick was on 14th October.

We covered the area from Park Mains High School following the pathways to Erskine Baptist Church; path running parallel to the school towards Lamont Farm; Path running past the sorting office, police station and church of the Nazarene to Bridgewater and around the Erskine Parish Church.

In 2 hours 9 volunteers filled 16 bin bags. We also found half a bicycle, a shopping trolley, wooden post and light fitting.

We are noticing the number of bags we are filling, is decreasing


This may be due to us twice a year returning to these areas. Our reason for doing so is, we target the most commonly used walking routes for those going to and from schools and shops.

We feel however that because we have been working and making the effort, many people are thinking twice about dropping litter:

if you see a place is being cared for, you’re more inclined to think twice about dropping litter.

Sometimes an apathy can take hold and a thought of, ‘’…f nobody else cares why should I? That’s SomeOne Else’s job…’’

We do care.

We do genuinely care about our town and the people in it.

We want to make this a nice place for all and we’re in it for the long haul – 8 years and counting, I don’t think our dedication can be doubted!

We don’t believe in the SomeOneElse factor.

We are the SomeOneElse and will continue to work for and in our town.

To tackle litter, dumping and to bring the community garden to reality.

There are still issues. Broken glass is still a main one. We’re thinking of ways to deal with that, as we believe in being pro-active, not just highlighting an issue.

We believe in taking ownership of the issues and finding a solution.

That has always been our way of doing things, and we will continue with this.

If you want to be the SomeOneElse, get involved.

Come to a litter pick. Attend our meetings. Visit our special events – One Planet Picnic is coming up.

You are always welcome at anything we are doing.

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