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The Power Of Words

By Erskine Community Garden, Jan 28 2018 01:32PM

The Power Of Words

27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day.

It’s a day set aside for remembering those lost and affected by the Nazi persecution and Holocaust, as well as those caught up on subsequent genocides in Rwanda, Darfur, Cambodia and Bosnia.

The reason 27th January was chosen for HMD is because it was the date Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated

We decided this would be our first memorial event to first and foremost show support to all those affected by persecution, and pay our respects, and remind ourselves that we are allowed to be different but we are still a community who can work together to do good.

We kept it simple and short but sincere.

We didn’t know if we’d get a good – if any – attendance.

The weather wasn’t great – windy and rainy.

However just before 1pm the rain stopped. 15 of our community joined us, as well as Gavin Newlands MP, and STV News came along.

Feedback of the HMD act of remembrance has been that we as a community want to repeat this as an annual event and build on it as many feel it is important to try to stop hate before it starts.

Obviously when the garden is ready we will move such events to there.

However it doesn’t matter where we hold such events, as long as we take time out to pay our respects, remember those who have been subjected to unbelievable cruelty and do our best to try to keep in mind that the words we speak can cause great positivity but also have the power to cause hurt and pain.

So before we say something let’s remember The Power Of Words .

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