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The Last Litter Pick of 2018

By Erskine Community Garden, Dec 6 2017 07:35PM

We completed our last litter pick of this year on the 19th November.

It was a frosty but dry day. Ten of us including member of Erskine Music Media Studio and regular litter pickers, turned out.

We litter picked the area around Grill In The Park, the telephone exchange, Baptist church, play area, bmx track, and the pathways leading to the bridge to the high school.

26 bags, broken bikes, exercise bike, and various other miscellanea.

Not bad for 2 hours work.

We then headed over to The Bridgewater where Alan and Sharon had invited us to stop by and have lunch. The soup and sandwiches were very much appreciated as it was a very cold day.

Tea and coffee and biscuits were also on offer.

So we finished our litter picks on a high. We’ve completed 20 this year, this our 8th year of litter picks.

On the whole, our work makes a difference. We see that when we find the amount of rubbish is reducing in the areas we visit twice a year.

Places such as the one we completed on the 19th November, that haven’t been done before, have a high yield of bags filled, and the mix of large items – that range from bikes as already stated, to garden shed roof felt and broken garden pots etc. is at its worst.

However we know that going back to this site next year, there will likely be a reduction. Usually not a big one at first, but once people realise we are taking care of an area, the larger dumping lessens and in some areas, stops completely.

The litter also starts to reduce. Whether because we are visiting twice yearly or because people are conscious of the area being cared for, maybe a bit of both.

We have had a small amount of detractors recently.

Some think group litter picks don’t have an impact, waste people’s time, and we don’t get enough volunteers to help.

Well, all I can say to that is, I’m glad we have so many volunteers within our community willing to waste their time to make our town even better and sometimes doing is better than talking 

We’ll continue with our work as we know it does make a difference and our community is happy about what we do and that is all that matter to us.

We’re here for the long haul. We always have been. For everyone who lives in our town, because we care about all of our community, whether that be human, animal or plant 

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