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By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 29 2017 11:52AM

If you have a dog, you likely take it out for a walk at least twice a day, or share that duty with others whether family, friends or dog walkers.

The one thing you’ve likely come across while walking around Erskine is broken glass.

We had our dog Cleo, for 12 years. In that time, I don’t think there was a year she didn’t get a cut paw in varying degrees of severity. Caused by broken bottles.

It seems to be a thing here in Erskine, that bottles need to be broken on public walkways. Scattered on the main area, rather than off to the side. Although it’s easier to see if when in the main walking area rather than hidden on a verge.

Why do people smash glass? Rebellion? Because they can? It’s a satisfying way to release energy? In some cultures it’s a good thing to smash a glass or plate after a meal.

In Erskine? Not so much.

I’m not sure those who smash bottles realise the potential damage they’re causing.

Not just to animals but to humans. Young children and elderly adults are more prone to falls. During autumn leaves can be wet and slippery and hide the danger of broken glass.

It somehow seems broken glass is a more anti-social type of littering than dropping a crisp packet.

Is there an answer? There is usually an answer to most questions.

Basketball style bins to throw bottles into? Clear& patterned bins to throw bottles into and create a stained glass/mosaic style collage while safely disposing of the bottles?

Education? Posting photos in posters along the main walking routes to highlight the potential injuries caused by discarded glass?

We don’t know yet the answer but we will work on it as we want our community – all of it whether two or four legged – to feel safe while out walking.

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