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Sip Don't Tip

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 25 2017 02:44PM

The Keep Scotland Beautiful exhibition at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.

The garden was a finalist in the photo and logo competition.

Our photo and logo was one of many exhibits at the KSB exhibition, highlighting the effects on the environment of single use cups.

It’s estimated 208 million single use cups are used in Scotland in one year. Just in Scotland. Not the UK. Scotland.

How shocking is that!

Walking around the exhibition it was fantastic to see the work by the schools, giving much thought to their projects.

The overall winner of the school competition was by Sunnyside Primary. It was a very thought provoking piece, the centrepiece being a gannet made from recycled materials.

The gannet’s stomach was see through, displaying items sea and wild life potentially swallow – straws being a main issue.

I’d never given straws a thought before but won’t use straws anymore.

The reason the garden undertakes so many litter picks, isn’t just because litter is annoying. It’s also the impact it has on our neighbours. Human and animal.

We humans just don’t think of the repercussions of our actions

We’d encourage anyone to take part in a litter pick.

It isn’t up to councils to clean up after us – we shouldn’t be dropping litter in the first place.

No bins isn’t a good enough excuse. Carry it home and bin it. Stop relying on SomeOneElse.

Take responsibility and ownership of the issues within your town. Get pro-active and make a difference. Not just to the human population but the other life we co-habit with.

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