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Neighbours.. everybody needs good neighbours...

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 20 2017 09:56PM

The garden. It may look like not a lot is happening but it is in the background. Hopefully you’ll start to see some changes very soon.

We are very grateful to the council for being extremely supportive and encouraging about our plans for the garden.

In the mean time we will continue with our litter picks and trying to offer solutions to issues we face in Erskine.

Dog bag dispensers will be going back out now that we’ve just about completed the case study we were asked to carry out for Keep Scotland Beautiful.

We are also looking forward to getting involved with other campaigns by KSB and in conjunction with Renfrewshire Council’s Team Up To Clean Up.

So where does neighbour come into this.

Well we’ve always believed that the best way for us to show our commitment to the garden, is to practically show our commitment to our community.

Whether carrying our litter picks, designing, creating and distributing dog bag dispensers; asking for bins in areas we litter pick over the years, to help try and negate litter droppage.

Our aim is to say we care, so we do.

We’re not waiting on someone else to do it for us. We’re more than capable of just getting on with it, and hopefully making our town a cleaner and happier environment for all.

Whether human, wildlife or plant life.

Sometimes we take things for granted.

From the refuse collection to the birds and plants we co-habit with, that we maybe do fall into the trap of familiarity breeds contempt? Maybe that’s a bit too harsh but how many times do we really stop and look at what we live next to?

Sometimes we do have to stop and think. That’s maybe when we see a deer, or a robin following us about on a litter pick because it is curious.

Or perhaps on a mild night having a window open and we hear screeching to realise it’s an owl!

Or even a late night walk with a dog, we find ourselves in the position of having bats skimming over the top of our heads!

When we do the litter picks, we have this all in mind. The humans using the pathways, the animals who come out when the humans retreat, and the plant life striving to survive.

That’s why people such as Kat, get down on their hands and knees and pick up glass fragments so our domestic and wild animals don’t get injured, likewise our little humans.

We want to be good neighbours to all that we live beside. We care therefor we do.

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