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How do you organise a litter pick?

By Erskine Community Garden, Oct 17 2017 07:42PM

We get asked occasionally, how we organise our litter picks.

Over the years, we’ve got ourselves into a routine. We have a core group of people who will turn out to most if not all, litter picks, and we all know what we’re doing.

Before we even start the litter pick, you need to pick your area. Don’t try to do a whole village and town in one go. Have a wander around your town. Look at where the main litter areas are.

We always target the main walking routes around the town.

Split your town into zones and decide which one will have the most impact to kick off your litter pick.

The other areas you can schedule in, at other dates if you decide to carry on after your first litter pick.

A day or so before the litter pick, We will have visited the area and taken a walk around to check there aren’t major issues with any of the ground.

We also make sure our insurances are up to date. When conducting a litter pick, a group really should have Public Liability Insurance and perhaps even Employers Liability insurance.

We record our litter pick with Keep Scotland Beautiful, as much in advance as we can – our dates for the first half of 2018 are already on their website.

We contact our local council to make them aware, and we also email them at litterpicks@renfrewshire.gov.uk to order litter picking equipment. The council wardens will then arrange a time, date and place to drop off and pick up equipment.

When we finish our litter pick we call the wardens who arrange with Streetscene, the pick up of our bags and items we’ve discovered.

Advertise your litter pick. If you’ve contacted Keep Scotland Beautiful, they will send you posters you just need to put your litter pick details on and ask shops, community centres, etc to display the posters.

If you’re on social media, create an event for your litter pick, and share it on all local pages on Facebook.

On the day of the litter pick, we gather together the volunteers who have turned out, regulars and newcomers.

The regulars want to check in and find out which direction they should go in.

While they’re doing that one or two of us will give a safety talk to the new volunteers.

This consists of what can’t be put into the bin bags; what to do if they find drugs paraphernalia, first aid issues, and if there is any area not to venture into if anything was spotted on the earlier walk round.

We ensure there is a designated first aider with us every time.

We work for 1.5 hours. We find that is a good time to work on an area, without getting to the point of feeling overworked.

Communication is one of your best tools.

Talk to Keep Scotland Beautiful. Use their resources on their website.

Keep your council up to date with what you’re doing. They’ll appreciate your work and will provide you with the essentials to do the litterpick.

Let your community know the what’s when’s where’s and why’s, before, during and after the litter pick. Sometimes the biggest deterrent to littering is a town seeing its own people working hard to keep it clean.

It might take time for the message to get through, but it does make a difference.



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