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Holistic Therapy in the Garden

By Erskine Community Garden, Jan 11 2018 07:36PM


First of all, Happy New Year!

Didn’t realise it was 25th December a blog was lastly posted.

Apologies for that. It can seem during the Christmas period that days start to flow together.

This is the first week I feel I’m keeping track of what day it is!!

So back to normality. Whatever your version of normal, is.

Release. Did you make New Year Resolutions? I didn’t.

I realised a long time ago, I don’t make resolutions I have any intention of keeping.

I can also make a resolution – or commitment, any day of the week if I really want to.

Resolutions usually are goals we want to achieve to make ourselves feel better or improve ourselves, but do we really need to improve?

Could it be we are enough and our perception is perhaps skewed by others?

I had a Reiki session today. Two hours of it. Not planned but the conversation went into a story I don’t ordinarily share

Suffice to say, a lot of issues of long held self-doubt, lack of confidence, allowing others to have a negative influence, emotions and incidents pushed down and smothered but not expunged, came to the surface this afternoon.

A shift in my self-view has occurred. I even have a feeling of inner peace that was perhaps lacking before.

I know it’s an evolution that will take time but it reminded me how important it is, that we all need to realise we are worthy. No one is useless or inadequate.

We are all unique people capable of so much regardless of what someone else may say.

We may need at times, to step out and take a time out for ourselves. Whether it’s a long walk, or sitting quietly in a peaceful location.

Or trying meditation, reiki, yoga or any other of the holistic therapies available to help our mindfulness.

We’ve been asked if there might be space in the community garden for such classes to be held.

We hadn’t thought of it before but we think it’s a great idea, once the garden is established.

The garden is there for all so why not have holistic therapy available for those who may find it helpful.

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