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Beauty and the Beast

By Erskine Community Garden, Nov 4 2017 06:48PM

I don’t think any of us actually like cleaning up after other people but we do want to make Erskine a nice place for all.

Today we were working at Newshot Drive and Kilpatrick Drive. Two main routes in Erskine. Also two of the biggest areas for roadside rubbish.

We worked for 75 minutes, generating 12 bags of rubbish. We could’ve worked longer and if the bushes had been grown back enough, we would likely have filled far more.

We did what we could and we will revisit the area in Spring 2018.

One of the best things about that area, is the view. Fields, river, blue sky, horses, wildlife.

We live in a fantastic part of Scotland. We have so much going for us environment wise but still we feel the need to dump our rubbish.

One of the best things about today was uncovering a drinks den where the users had put their empties into a bag for life! Brilliant!

What if all those who need a drinks den, put their empties into bags for life so we could pick them up when we do a litter pick? Would that make a difference? Would it stop our wildlife getting injured on sharp edges of cans and glass shards, or getting stuck in containers?

We’ve found shredded aluminium cans on Barsail football pitch, and glass shards around the perimeter. We picked them all up because kids fall over and get cut.

It’s not just about rubbish being an eyesore, it does have a realistic danger impact on the wildlife and on us.

No one wants to stop anyone from enjoying themselves.

We just want people to think ahead. Maybe you don’t care about the consequences of your actions. Perhaps you think someone who gets cut on a bottle you broke, was stupid for not having seen it.

However we all have a collective responsibility to each other, whether we like it or not.

That’s what being a community is, and we will continue to work to make the community of Erskine, as safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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