no more What If...

Having exposed the long forgotten path, with help from Scottish Water and Community Payback, we were able to clean it and ensure the path is usable for all.

Caulders Garden Centre, Morrisions Erskine, Erskine Rotary and Renfrewshire Council have been extremely supportive in practical ways of donating plants, tools and expertise

Our community has been awesome at encouraging, donating items, and making use of the garden

We are making this happen

21462298_2100885936595798_6457511236998899068_n HISTORY

On 1st July 2018 we were granted a licence to start work on a community garden on a piece of ground within Barwood Park, Bargarran.


Within a week we had uncovered a long forgotten path, dug out mutant rose trees - thorns were at times 1" in length.


We created a fairy village, a pleasant and peaceful area for all.

We are in the process of creating a zen style garden, and will be introducing a produce area, maze and a couple other surprises


Although we aren't in the location we aimed for we will still work to obtain that ground and open up the history of our town

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Honour the Past, Protect the Future