A Happy Detour

As you may be aware we have been working towards making a local site known as Mrs Whyte's into a community garden.


We were just about to sign the papers when an unforseen legal issue with the ground's documents, came to light.

The paperwork is now tied up in legal department and may take some time to be resolved.


However rather than us having to wait it out indefinitely, the council was very proactive in finding us an alternative.

Their suggestion, a site within Barwood Park.


The site has a low stone wall around the perimeter, and a pathway running inside the area.


We signed the paperwork for this site and we start work from 1st July.


Our first tasks will be to cut back and tidy up the foliage within the site, and clean up the path. We will then create flower beds running adjacent to the path and border walls, and plant these up.


We will then work on installing the fairy village.


Help is welcome - you can volunteer to do some planting, digging, decorating, or just coming down for a look to see how the garden is progressing.


We will also be able to hold special days such as SANDS Wave of Light, Remembrance Sunday, Holocaust Memorial Day, Earth Hour, and others.


We appreciate this is a change to our plans for location, but we can see many positives to this and we are still working to get the other site. It'll just take longer.


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